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Our tried and true HR solutions make it easy to manage the complex office functions employers struggle with every day.

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Apply industry-leading software and dedicated specialists to help you manage the entire process, including distribution, tax administration, and compliance.

Preparation and Distribution

Dedicated payroll specialists perform data entry and payment processing, accurately and on time. Processing includes complying with state and federal wage and tax laws, deducting for health and retirement plans, and paid time off, as well as distributing payroll via check, direct deposit, and pay cards.

Tax Administration

Payroll tax administration is complicated and operates in a frequently changing environment. Fortunately, our team is well-versed with the various laws, requirements, and regulations, and handles the entire process of withholding, deductions, payments, reports, and more.

Time and Attendance

Integrated time and labor can quickly reduce costs. When you gain the ability to monitor and control your labor investment, you can reduce overtime, time theft, and other administrative costs. Start paying employees accurately while increasing productivity.

Online Payroll Portal

An efficient, reliable, and scalable online payroll system grows as you do. The system provides visibility into your company’s payroll, automates common tasks, and allows you to produce reports.

Garnishments Administration

Mishandling garnishments can result in costly financial penalties. Alleviate the headaches that often accompany garnishments by outsourcing their administration from receipt of the order to the last payment or expiration, and everything in between.


Get rapid insight into key metrics with pre-built payroll reports as well as ad-hoc reporting for custom data analysis. Your customers will love advanced real-time reports and come to depend on them.

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Rest easy knowing we have the plan and professionals to protect your business from a wide range of potential threats.

A-rated Workers' Compensation

A-rated workers’ compensation coverage provides peace of mind that your organization and employees have the appropriate coverage for workers’ compensation liability. Outsource your claims management, loss prevention programs, scheduled on-site loss control visits, and ongoing customer support.

Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention

There are inherent risks associated with running a company, and employers need help maintaining OSHA compliance and promoting a culture of safety. Trained specialists will provide or facilitate services related to workplace safety, NCCI code compliance, employee training, and accident investigation through on-site loss control surveys.

Claims Investigation

Dedicated professionals investigate all claims to determine compensability and causation. Potential acts of fraud are handled at the carrier level and with regard to state acts.

Return-to-Work Programs

When employees are injured on the job and the claim is determined to be compensable, minimize the cost of the claims and assist clients by developing a Return-to-Work Program. This program will bring employees back to work in a productive capacity to minimize overall exposure, and comply with restrictions set forth by treating physicians.

General and Professional Liability

Working with industry professionals who provide insurance services to various professions means you are covered for acts or omissions relating to the operational values of your company. There are various forms of coverage available to protect you.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Coverage is afforded to qualified clients for alleged acts of discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment and more. Specialist are available to discuss matters regarding any best practices for employment-related matters.

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Ensure your business remains compliant amid the growing burden of laws and regulations.

Health Reform Compliance

Many employers lack the time and expertise to stay abreast of the ever- changing health reform landscape, particularly landmark legislation that is as comprehensive as the Affordable Care Act. Qualified compliance professionals can soften the impact these changes have on your company.

Federal and State Protocol

The number of Federal and State laws have grown exponentially over last 100 years, making compliance a difficult undertaking. By working with us you will reduce your liabilities and maintain peace of mind.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

The Fair Labor Standards Act, which establishes employment standards, like minimum wage, record keeping, overtime, and child labor, is another component in the long list of federal regulations businesses must follow. Avoid penalties, and relieve pressure by outsourcing FLSA compliance.

I-9 Compliance

Employers who fail to properly maintain I-9 documentation may fall out of compliance with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Meet I-9 compliance requirements with the help of a professional employer organization and avoid expensive penalties.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Employers with a facility of fifty or more employees must comply with the Family Medical Leave Act (FLMA). Experienced compliance professionals who understand the law can help you avoid making costly legal missteps.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Ensure your company is up-to-date with regulations like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A professional employer organization can help you to create a work environment in which the same employment opportunities are provided to qualified individuals with disabilities as are made to everyone else.

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Dedicated, certified HR experts provide much-needed guidance and support to your organization.

Employee Relations Support

Your go-to source for employee relations. Whether its concerns regarding employee engagement, performance coaching, harassment/discrimination, conflict resolution, employee offboarding, or risk-mitigation, our certified HR experts ensure you have everything you need to make the right employee decisions.


Unemployment insurance claims processing administration and management will help ensure your company is compliant with ever- changing laws and regulations. Reduce claim liability with a full review of the unemployment claims process, manage the paperwork for State Unemployment Insurance and so much more.

Pre-Employment Screenings

Pre-employment screenings help employers hire the right candidate the first time. Performing background checks, and drug tests, inform your organization and help minimize employee turnover and protect your company.

HR Resources

Save time and stay in compliance by accessing checklists, templates, forms, protocols, and notices you need run a business. These are all available at your fingertips in our HR Toolkit.

Employment Handbooks

Employee handbooks establish expectations for your employees, and policies for like paid time off, jury duty, proper Internet usage, and dress code. By consistently enforcing the policies and procedures stipulated in the employee handbook your company should be protected from employee confusion and mitigate legal claims.

Required Notices and Posters

Certain required notices and posters are required by law to be displayed in highly- trafficked places where your employees can see them. A Professional Employer Organization like ours knows what those notices are and how to stay in compliance.

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Get better prices and options on corporate-style benefits that attract and retain quality employees.

Medical, Dental, and Vision

Due to a large and growing list of clients and beneficiaries, professional employer organizations can negotiate better prices and options for health insurances, like Medical, Dental, and Vision. Bolster your offering with the benefits your deserving staff is looking for.

Other Insurance

Other corporate-style benefits like, Short Term Disability (STD), Long Term Disability (LTD), Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Dependent Care Assistance Plans (DCAP) as well as supplemental plans like Accident and Critical Illness are desirable to talented career seekers, making it easier to attract and retain their employment.

Retirement Savings Options

Quality retirement plans provide eligible employees a way to save for the future. Leave it up to trained experts to deliver best in class solutions and maximize your investment.

Benefits Enrollment and Administrative Support

Benefits specialists coordinate the entire enrollment process, like communication, eligibility monitoring, onboarding, and deductions is coordinated. Reconcile every insurance-related bill and claim payment with the carrier on your behalf.

COBRA Administration

COBRA administration includes notice delivery and payment collection from former employees after their termination of active coverage through the end of their eligible COBRA period.

Employee Programs

Employee Assistance Programs were designed to help members of your staff manage their life away from work. Programs like confidential short-term counseling, referrals, and access to no-cost financial and legal consultations alleviate stress and bear more productive contributors for your business.

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Easy-to-use, industry-leading HR Management Software helps you manage various business tasks and simplifies your job as an employer.

Industry-Leading HR Management Software

A 100% web-based and easy-to-use self-service portal delivers industry- leading technology designed to help users manage their payroll, benefits, and more. With state-of-the-art software and support, you’ll save countless hours every week on important back-office functions.

Employer Self-Service Portal

Empower worksite employees to review and manage their data and tasks from anywhere, at anytime, and on any device. Employee self-service reduces the time administrators have to spend to keep data current.

Electronic Onboarding

Quickly capture employee data and forms to streamline the new hire process. Electronic onboarding makes it easy to collect employee demographic information, federal, state, and local tax filing forms, and client-specific forms. Onboard employees faster and receive the benefits of their productivity sooner.

Online Time and Labor Tracking

A fully integrated time clock system provides full reports updated in real-time. Control cost of labor and simplify time tracking with a fully-integrated time and labor solution. Streamline FLSA, ACA, and other compliance challenges through time and labor automation.

Data Bridge

Automatically extract, transform, validate, and securely transfer data to provider-specific systems.

Staffing Software

Utilize software technologies that provide everything you need to manage your agency’s front and back office functions. This intuitive and easy-to-learn staffing software gives you the freedom to integrate systems and enhance your operations.

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